Karakoram Greens Islamabad

A project by Karakoram Enterprises

Karakoram Greens Islamabd

A dedicated residential space within a gated enclave at the Gulberg Greens Islamabad- a prime location with a security infrastructure in place by the Intelligence Bureau. A rare blend offering true living experience within an enclosed self-sufficient enclave.


A luxurious lifestyle and a unique way to relax and unwind. The finest swimming pool is typically designed with stunning architecture. Residents of apartments can enjoy swimming and lounging by the pool with family and friends. The pool area is often a focal point of the apartment community, providing a place for socializing, exercise, and recreation. Fitness Club is designed to promote health and fitness through exercise and wellness programs, a variety of amenities such as state-of-the-art fitness equipment. A health club in an apartment complex promotes a healthy lifestyle, making it easy for residents to maintain an active routine, meet other like-minded individuals, and benefit from a supportive and motivating environment.

Project Maintenance

After Completion

Karakoram Enterprises has been extremely sensitive to this most important aspect of our previous projects. We consider the management of a project as it’s backbone for future success. Consequently, identifying the common concerns of Communal living the Karakoram Greens Islamabad project will provide for the management of all essential service aspects with utmost care and professionalism. These service aspects which are an integral part of the comforts of modern living will be coordinated, monitored and managed by the Karakoram Enterprises.


State of the art security system, which shall have all the key areas under 24 hour surveillance. In addition round the clock security guards will be posted in the compound.

Generator and Lifts

High quality and the most reliable brand of lifts shall be installed. The lifts will be supported by an efficient generator system to ensure 24 hour operational reliability.


Maintenance staff for electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, carpenter and janitorial services. The maintenance staff will be available 24 hours within the premises.

Gardening and Unkeep

An efficient team of gardeners will be employed to ensure an excellent standard of upkeep of the surrounding environment.

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